Nintendo Switch™

*Default controls listed.


Left Stick Movement
While knocked down Rolling Recovery
Right Stick Change Target*When fighting multiple enemies
B Button Jump
Before hitting ground Quick Recover
During normal attacks and certain skills Quick Dodge
A Button Chase Dash
While opponent is airborne Aerial Chase Dash
While holding Left Stick Quick Step
During normal attacks and certain skills Quick Dodge
Y Button Light Attack
While airborne Aerial Attack
Simultaneously with Left Stick Heavy Attack
While holding R Button Throw
X Button Skill 1
While holding Left Stick Skill 2
While holding R Button Skill 3
R Button Guard
While holding R Button, Left Stick Shove
While holding R Button, quickly tilt Left Stick Parry
ZR Button Ultimate Art
L Button Support Skill (I) / Demon Skill (I)
While holding Left Stick Support Skill (II) / Demon Skill (II)
When getting hit Emergency Escape
When held Switch characters
*Can only be used with support fighters
ZL Button Boost
While Boost is active Surge
+ Button Pause Menu


Left Stick Run(Walk if tilted slightly)
Right Stick Move Camera
Click Right Stick Reset Camera
A Button Check/Talk
X Button Full Map
ZR Button Track Scent
+ Button Pause Menu