Combat Tips

Counterattack after dodging or guarding!

Rather than attacking randomly, try to dodge or guard an attack and then hit your opponent back when they leave themselves open. In Story mode, your opponent will glow when they are about to use a dangerous attack, so hang back and play it safe. When in this state, you can generally see the areas their attacks will hit, so dodge them and then close in by running or using a chase dash to counterattack!

Defeat enemies in a flash with the opening thread!
  • When fighting foes with a health gauge above their head in Story mode, you will sometimes catch sight of an opening thread. Press the displayed button before time runs out to defeat the enemy in a single strike! This opening thread will appear when either the enemy's HP is low, or you successfully parry an attack while the enemy has an aura.

Be ready for the Final Clash!

When certain Story mode battles reach their climax, you will enter a special mode called Final Clash. Press the displayed buttons rapidly to fill up the flame gauge. If you earn enough flame icons, you'll get to see a special animation called a Trance Memory. You never know what awaits you in the Final Clash, so be ready for anything!

Story Tips

Study your surroundings with the map!
  • 説明画像

    When exploring, you can see information on your surroundings by looking at the mini-map in the upper right, or pressing a button to view the full map. Seek out the special locations indicated here as you head to your destination!

  • Map Legend

    • Current Position

    • Objective

    • Reward Mission

    • Kimetsu Points

    • Memory Fragment

Seek out demons by tracking their scent!
  • Press the Track Scent button when controlling Tanjiro to visualize the scent a demon has left behind. Following the trail will lead you straight to the source. Following these scents can also help you find clues when investigating.

Relive your favorite moments!

From the Storyline you can replay completed chapters from any point, as well as challenge special demon-hunting missions. Achieving a high rank on battles and minigames you encounter during the story will unlock rewards, so give it your all and aim for an S rank!

*Screenshots are from the Nintendo Switch™ version.